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24/7 Protein & Energy Vending.

Energize your members with world class protein supplements for growth and energy with a 24/7 Vending machine. Contact Us to discover the most suitable Protein Vending Machine for your site!



Protein Shakes on the Go

Whether you're looking for a smoothie machine, protein vending machine or energy drink vending machine, Fitness Vending have solutions for gyms, leisure centres, sports halls and a host of other businesses in the leisure industry.

Our partnership with Multipower means we can provide the highest quality protein products for your protein shake vending machine to health conscious consumers. Multipower has over 30 years' experience in developing and manufacturing sports foods with a wide range of product offerings to cater to fitness fanatics who use protein bodybuilding supplements before, during or after their workouts.

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We stock well-known brands.

Attract brand-loyal customers to your leisure centre with a branded machine placed strategically to maximise use and profit.

Our clients have the option of stocking other well known sports drinks and snacks in their Protein shakes machine to offer a wider range such as protein bars, energy supplements and healthy vending snacks to their members.

Fitness Vending provide an exceptional customer service to our clients by providing fully managed services with suitable finance options to fit any requirement.

Our operators will stock machines with your users' favourite brands and maintain and clean the machines periodically, ensuring that your members have access to fresh, healthy products throughout the day.


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Increase on-site activity.

Fuel your visitors with high quality protein products that have been perfected over the years through decades of research and development. With a branded, well-stocked machine on-site, your members have a suitable refreshment option on-site...