Sports Nutrition Vending

Sports Nutrition Vending.

We provide vending solutions for businesses in the leisure industry across the UK and partner with leading manufacturers of sports nutrition products who offer natural supplements used by world class athletes.



Natural Sports Supplements

With more consumers becoming increasingly aware of healthier diets and regular exercise, sports nutrition products are being used regularly during training for both strength and endurance sports.

We have partnered with leading sports food manufacturers like COCO 5 and iPro Sport who produce drinks with natural ingredients containing the right nutrients because we understand the need for the right mix of vitamins and minerals to energize your members during exercise.

We are open to discus the drink requirements that will best suit your customers. Fitness Vending can supply your stock and refill your machines as well as clean and maintain them. All options can be arranged with a suitable finance option.


We Provide Branded Machines

Providing sports nutrition products in your gym, sports hall or leisure centre is a proven way to increase revenue and the activity of members onsite. By choosing Fitness Vending Solutions, you have the opportunity to place a state of the art vending machine stocked with natural sports supplements, healthy vending drinks, snacks and other items of your choosing.

Our vending machines are easy to maintain and utilise cashless payment systems for quick and easy vends.

We work extensively with gyms across the UK, providing them with bespoke solutions that covers all their requirements. Our machines can be stocked with sports nutrition vending products such as drinks, snacks, protein supplements and even towels and locks.

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Choose your own products.

We partner with the best in sports food manufacturing in order to provide the end users with the healthiest options on the market.

"COCO5 contains components that occur naturally in coconut water, elements recognised by medical science as crucial to the biological balance of hydrating cells."

"iPro Sport is made using natural spring water which is considered to be free of most contaminants typically found in drinking water. The complex carbohydrates used in iPro Sport are sourced from maltodextrin and stevia. Maltodextrin is a good quality carbohydrate usually sourced from corn, rice or potato starch. Stevia is a herb native to South America and has been used as a natural sweetener for centuries. This means that you can replenish energy stores and the essential minerals without the added sugar."