Developing sportsfoods for more than thirty years with intensive work from their research and development teams together with performance nutrition experts, they have developed a range consisting of high quality, great tasting products packed with the right ingredients to help consumers reach a range of training goals.

Why choose Multipower Sportsfood?
  • Atlantic Multipower is Europe's largest Sports Nutrition Business
  • Developed by industry experts
  • Highest quality control standards
  • Trusted by Europe's elite athletes
Energy Drinks
Multipower Protein Drinks
Protein Bars
Multipower protein drinks
Coco 5 | Sports Nutrition | Fitness Vending


COCO5 is a biological rehydration formula that provides the body with complete electrolyte replenishment required by active lifestyles. COCO5 contains components that occur naturally in coconut water, elements recognised by medical science as crucial to the biological balance of hydrating cells.

Why choose COCO5?

Eliminates chemical additives, preservatives and dyes

  • Reduces sugar levels found in leading fluid replacement beverages.
  • Replace fluids lost through sweat.
  • Restore electrolytes depleted during exercise.
  • Reduce cramping and gastric distress often experienced with conventional sports drinks.
Gatorade Vending Machine | Sports Nutrition | FitnessVend


The World's #1 sports drink and now celebrating half a century of innovation.

Why choose Gatorade?
  • Over 50 years experience
  • Partnerships with world class athletes
  • Products sold in over 80 countries worldwide
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FitnessVend Partners | iPro Sports bottles


Rather than relying on sugar to give a temporary energy boost, iPro Sport opts for a winning combination of complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. In preference to simple sugars, iPro Sport prioritises the use of complex carbohydrates, providing a longer-lasting, healthier source of energy.

Why choose iPro?
  • No artificial flavours
  • No artificial colour
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Added vitamins B5, B6 B7 & B12
  • 100% daily vitamin C
iPro Features
FitnessVend Partners | Men's Health Beef Jerky

Men's Health Beef Jerky

Solid strips of marinated smoked beef.

100% British & Irish silverside beef, marinated and smoked

"The Ultimate High Protein Snack"

Men's Health Magazine

Why choose MH Beef Jerky?
  • High protein
  • No added MSG
  • For building muscle
  • For burning fat


Compete Energy Protein Pack | Fitness Vending

Compete Energy Bites

COMPETE® Energy Bites come directly from the USA and are manufactured under very strict, pharmaceutical conditions by Mission Pharmacal Company in San Antonio, Texas. Faced with the challenge of condensing the equivalent of two energy drinks into an easy to carry pack, the team at Mission Pharmacal Company invented the unique COMPETE® Energy Bites formula two years ago.

Why choose Compete?
  • For Performance/Fun
  • For long journeys
  • Free delivery

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