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Fitness Vending are experts in sports nutrition vending, we provide a large range of specialist sports vending equipment including sports vending machines, healthy vending snacks and combo gym vending machines stocked with healthy supplements and the best sports drinks, protein drinks and protein bars to businesses in the leisure industry.
Our range also includes a Gatorade Vending Machine, stocked with world class sports supplements used by athletes.

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Working closely with partners like Multipower, Europe's leading sports nutrition producers with products that include protein shakes, ready to drink protein, sports drinks and protein bars, Multipower are proven leaders in the sports foods industry with over 30 years' experience.

Gatorade are the world's leading sports drink with over 50 years of innovation. With an impressive list of sports teams partnerships that include Arsenal FC, FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC with athletes like Serena Williams, Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt, Gatorade provide hydration and sports fuel for performance athletes. 

Coco5, the world's first performance coconut water is a biological rehydration formula that provides the body with complete electrolyte replenishment required by active lifestyles. COCO5 contains components that occur naturally in coconut water, elements recognised by medical science as crucial to the biological balance of hydrating cells.





We work with businesses in the leisure industry and provide machines and products to sites across the UK. Our clients include:


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